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Bay Area Hardscape Landscaping

Bay Area Hardscape Landscaping seamlessly joins your house with your surroundings and lets you express who you are. If you can dream it, you have found the company to do it – design and construction.

Bay Area Hardscape Landscaping

Hardscape Frames Your Greenery

In the landscaping industry, plants are known as softscaping. Hardscaping encompasses the nonliving elements – the pavers, walls, stones, and patios.

  • Create pathways from one area to another, such as the pool to a pagoda.
  • Create walkways through gardens, to outbuildings, and around the perimeter of a house.
  • Create a visual focal point, such as a fountain, an outdoor kitchen, or a pool.
  • Visually demarcate distinct areas, with such features as retaining walls, seating, steps, and borders.
  • Outdoor lighting will also distinguish different zones, and give your landscape design an entirely new look at night.
Another Path

Award-winning Outdoor Designs

With more than 33 years of experience and 15 international awards, owner and designer John R. Rigo has been named the #1 outside architect in California.Your outside space becomes a canvas in his hands: he “paints” with hardscaping, greenery, lighting, and the architecture of swimming pools and water features. You live in an area blessed with natural beauty – celebrate it year-round!

  • Is it time to build that new house? We can create a stunning yet thoroughly livable landscape and hardscape down to the last detail.
  • Are you ready to upgrade? A freshened pool design, water features, and patio surface add value and visual appeal.
  • Do you love outdoor living but haven’t found the right way to combine all of the elements you want? Call now for a free consultation.

Now is the Time to Invest in Bay Area Hardscape Landscaping 

Natural Stone

Bay Area hardscape landscaping offers stunning beauty and lifetime strength with natural stone. No two installations are alike. Depending on type and finish, stone can appear crisp and formal, or rustic and casual – but always quietly tasteful. Many types of stone will resist moss growth and are slip-resistant. Quarried and engineered stones vary widely in quality. You have found a pool and landscape expert with extensive and reliable sources.

Expert Paver Designs

From versatile interlocking concrete pavers to exotic porphyry and tumbled marble, your walkways become “walks of art”.

  • Use Bay Area hardscape landscaping to extend your home style. Whether your space is Zen or traditional, rustic or refined, we use materials, patterns, and scales to extend it outward.
  • Get a level of personal service that is unique in the industry. The company owner works directly with you from sketchpad to satisfaction. Your paver design will be perfect and lasting.

Bay Area Hardscape Landscaping Blends Art and Science

As an experienced landscape architect, we understand that the visual effect you are seeking must be accompanied by outstanding construction. Proper drainage is critical. The possibility of seismic activity will be factored in. This area’s notorious soil issues will be overcome. Proper structural support will be ensured. Irrigation and plumbing will be expertly installed.

Consider Hardscaping Using Stone

  • We ensure that you will get the look you want, with materials that are right for the surface conditions.
  • Create a pattern by mixing different types of natural and man-made materials.
  • Construct eco-friendly walkways with pavers that are high-drainage or made of recycled materials.
  • Be assured of walkway installation that resists erosion, accommodates seismic movement and provides proper terracing, if needed.

Bespoke Quality

Call now to work with a landscape artist who can maximize your outdoor space like never before. Get a custom-designed plan that makes your pool the water wonderland you have always wanted. You will have safe surfaces and serene pathways from one area to another.

We are the premier pool and landscape design and construction service for Los Gatos, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Redwod City, Atherton, Hillsborough, Saratoga, Morgan Hill, San Mateo, Woodside and Los Altos.




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